Introducing… a new look for CHC

As many of you would know, Community Home Care (CHC) has undergone a number of changes over the last few years. None more important than our expansion to become a truly regional provider.

With the dust settled and an amazing team across 6 South West regional locations, we felt it was time to address our brand to ensure we represented our new regional footprint.

At Community Home Care the ‘umbrella’ icon has long represented the support, protection and care that we provide to our clientele, whether on a rainy day or just a regular day when people need a little bit of care.

We first introduced the umbrella icon in 2012 but as an organisation felt that the existing logo was starting to look a bit out dated. So it was decided that we should look to begin the process of revitalisation.

It was important for our new brand to reflect the core values of Community Home Care and communicate a positive, caring and vibrant message – all while respecting our history and being a bit more, well, modern.

We partnered with local creative agency – Jack in the box, and began a series of consultations with our team, volunteers and clients, all of which has led to this point…

The umbrella has had a makeover! With it comes an exciting new palette of colours for us to use and while the familiar Purple and Magenta remain, these too have had a boost. An easier to read typeface and a whole new corporate style, the new look CHC is something of which we are all very proud.

We really feel our new brand reflects where we are today and where we’re heading into the future.

Over the coming months, you’ll see us transition to the new brand. While we may have a new look, we’ll continue to deliver high quality services to our clients and develop improvements across the board to ensure you have the best possible experience with the team here at Community Home Care.