Social Support & Outings

Enabling you to stay connected and socially active.

  • Group activities
    • Craft
    • Gardening
  • Social groups
    • Games
    • Movies
    • Exercise
    • Mens Group
    • Singing
  • Sunday with seniors program
  • Telephone support and in-home visits
  • Day excursions and outings

Small social groups and mutual interest groups are available to you to enable you to socialise with others, learn new skills and develop social networks. This may at times involve small excursions in the local area.

Our friendly staff can help you with your shopping and bill paying and can provide companionship by visiting you in your own home for a coffee and a chat or by assisting you to become involved with activities going on in the community. 

Social support provides individualised support to people who may be at risk of becoming socially isolated, helping them to participate more fully in their community. Depending on the type of assistance needed social support may be provided by volunteers or paid workers.